Commercial and Catastrophe Work

Become part of a commercial and catastrophe project support network for other members.

Some of our members specialize in large-scale commercial and catastrophe projects. One of the key elements in the successful execution of this type of work is ensuring an easily accessible stock of qualified and consistent people is available.

Our commercial and catastrophe members look to the UniPro Restoration Network as a solid source for dedicated, professional support during large events that sometimes move beyond their ability to service using only in-house people and equipment.

If you have experience in commercial or catastrophe work UniPro can offer the perfect opportunity to be involved in our network and grow your revenue in the process.

If you are interested in commercial or catastrophe work but don't yet have the experience, UniPro can offer this type of networking as a perfect way to learn the ropes from some of North America's leading large-loss professionals.

Commercial and Catastrophe Work

Market Intelligence

From the Industry

We're connected to the pulse of the drying & restoration industries and we deliver that knowledge to our members.

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Ready to go!

Buy or rent restoration equipment now or next week, next door, or across the country. We get our members what they need, when they need it.

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Supplier Program

equipment & Supplies

We leverage the combined buying power of all of our restoration and catastrophe members to deliver great rebates from top notch suppliers!

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40 years of experience

From executives with decades of experience in the restoration and catastrophe industries to our network of members. UniPro has the help you need with a simple call.

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Build your brain

Our members get access to regular webinars with exclusive content delivered by seasoned professionals.

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Catastrophe Work

get more work in the big leagues

UniPro offers businesses with experience in commercial or catastrophe work an opportunity for revenue growth.

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Catastrophe Support

back up for your biggest jobs

UniPro's network provides the backup and support you need to handle large commercial and catastrophe jobs.

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click here to join now!

We believe that we can help change the lives of thousands of restoration, and catastrophe business owners.
If you're ready to make a move, we're ready to help you!

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events and training calendars

View our activity calendars which include a general corporate events and calendars for both online and in-class training.

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Future Developments

What's come up for UniPro?

We're always trying to improve the value of UniPro for members and stakeholders. Check out what's happening!

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