Training benefits are available to all members, from the first day they join, and are included in the cost of the membership.


On a monthly basis, UniPro members are entitled to have access to a new webinar. The topics constantly change and include a wide-variety of industry-specific advice, such as:

  • operations
  • marketing
  • insurance policies & practices
  • information technology (IT)
  • practical skill training

  • Our goal is to provide our members with a constantly valuable, integrated and well rounded training curriculum with which they can discover untapped areas of their business.

    Once identified, the training archive and our executive team can be tapped to help turn areas of weakness into centers of business opportunity.All courses which are specifically related to restoration and cleaning are IICRC certified.

    Our on-line course provider is the International Restoration Institute. A complete list of courses can be found at their website.

    Bi-Monthly Webinars

    In addition to structured formal training, UniPro Network Members have access to bi-monthly eduction webinars given on a wide range of topics that cover all aspects of running a successful restoration business.


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    in-class training

    Located in Santa Rosa Beach FL, the UniPro Restoration Network Training Facility includes a full-scale flood house which we use to do on-site IICRC certified training.

    Lined with beautiful beaches, Santa Rosa Beach is the perfect location for our on-staff instructors to teach our members the complete process of water restoration and mold remediation.

    It’s also the perfect location to bring your family for some much needed vacation time while in town for training.

    In-class training courses include water, fire, mold and CEC classes provided by in-house training professionals.

    All courses which are specifically related to restoration and cleaning are IICRC certified.
    For additional information please visit Restoration Coach, our official training partner.

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    Market Intelligence

    From the Industry

    We're connected to the pulse of the drying & restoration industries and we deliver that knowledge to our members.

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    Ready to go!

    Buy or rent restoration equipment now or next week, next door, or across the country. We get our members what they need, when they need it.

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    Supplier Program

    equipment & Supplies

    We leverage the combined buying power of all of our restoration and catastrophe members to deliver great rebates from top notch suppliers!

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    40 years of experience

    From executives with decades of experience in the restoration and catastrophe industries to our network of members. UniPro has the help you need with a simple call.

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    Build your brain

    Our members get access to regular webinars with exclusive content delivered by seasoned professionals.

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    Catastrophe Work

    get more work in the big leagues

    UniPro offers businesses with experience in commercial or catastrophe work an opportunity for revenue growth.

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    Catastrophe Support

    back up for your biggest jobs

    UniPro's network provides the backup and support you need to handle large commercial and catastrophe jobs.

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    click here to join now!

    We believe that we can help change the lives of thousands of restoration, and catastrophe business owners.
    If you're ready to make a move, we're ready to help you!

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    events and training calendars

    View our activity calendars which include a general corporate events and calendars for both online and in-class training.

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    Future Developments

    What's come up for UniPro?

    We're always trying to improve the value of UniPro for members and stakeholders. Check out what's happening!

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